Twice named one of the top hair color artists in the country by Allure Magazine let Robert guide you to the perfect color using:

Robert's On-Line Consultation (Find a haircolor formula or product just for you)

Hair Color (Information about our hair color)
Clear Color Hair Color (Our latest addition in color)
Healthy Hair Vitamins (Healthy Hair begins here)
Hair Color Mixer (Now you can apply our color with a brush or just mix it with the ease of a battery operated mixer)
Mixing Bowl and Brushes (Our professional color bowl for use with one of the new brush sets)
5 Sponge Hair Color Applicator Kit (Apply our color with this new applicator kit)
Our Favorite Styling Brush (Boar Bristle and Vent brush in one)
Ultra Blond Highlight Kit (the professional kit for home use)
Photo Gallery (Pictures of a few clients sporting our hair color)
Simple fixes (Some possible solutions to your hair color situations)
Colorfix Hair color remover (Designed for full or slight color corrections.)
The No More Bad Hair Days Kit (An editor's favorite)
The Story Behind Our Shampoo (How hard is your water? soft, hard, extremely hard?)
Strand Testing (Avoid those hair color blunders)
How to Get Professional Hair Color Results at Home (Some helpful hints, tips and how-to's)
Mix and Match the Perfect Hair Color (Now you can mix the perfect shade just for you)
Celebrity Hair Color (If you have a celebrity who's haircolor you like, check here)
A Few Of Robert's Favorite Formulas (some great hair color formulas using our exclusive hair color)
So, You Want to be a Blonde!! (or a beautiful brown)
FAQS (frequently asked questions)